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With a proven track record of successful exits, tecnet is recognized as one of the most competent and experienced venture capital investors in Austria.

What is tecnet Venture Capital?

tecnet is an industry-independent early-stage venture capital fund. As lead or co-investor, we focus primarily on innovative B2B technologies, life sciences start-ups and spin-offs.

We empower growth-oriented startups beyond equity capital, offering a comprehensive suite of support backed by our extensive experience, collaborations with esteemed research institutions, and an expansive international network.

We provide initial investments of approximately €300,000 and actively participate in follow-on rounds, with a total investment of up to €3 million. As an active partner, we drive rapid growth with the objective of fostering sustainable success.

With the convertible loan SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), tecnet Venture Capital offers a rapid financing option of € 50,000 for very young start-ups shortly after their foundation.

How may we support you?

Facts and details


Early Stage,

Seed & Series A Investments


Equity capital from

approx. € 300,000 to

max. 3 million & € 50,000

as convertible loan (SAFE)


up to ~ 8 years


Co-Investor &

Lead investor

tecnet invests across all sectors

Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics
Climate Tech
Big Data
Advanced Manufacturing
Green BioTech
Red BioTech
Blue BioTech
Cell & Gene Therapy
Medical Devices
Biomedical Technologies
Digital Health
Bio Engineering
Med Tech
Personalized Healthcare

Now at tecnet: SAFE

Tecnet Venture Capital now offers SAFE, the Simple Agreement for Future Equity, a rapid and straightforward financing solution for startups directly after their establishment, serving as a precursor to traditional venture capital funding.

This convertible loan of €50,000 specifically targets startups at a very early stage, even before their first seed round, with fixed terms and conditions.

A SAFE is eligible for startups that:

  • Have a working prototype or proof-of-concept.

  • Have a clear vision for market entry and product adoption strategy.

  • Have a scalable business model with the potential for significant growth, even if their business plan is not fully developed.

With SAFE, tecnet caters specifically to young technology companies seeking to establish or have already been founded in Lower Austria.

The tecnet VC Flow



Every successful endeavor begins with a groundbreaking business idea, an innovation or technology that can be effectively communicated through a well-structured plan. Based on your business plan, we will carefully review it with the tecnet team. Our extensive experience will guide you, as we collaborate with you from the initial personal encounter to identify the opportunities and potential of your project.



In the next phase, tecnet embarks on a comprehensive preliminary assessment, scrutinizing your project's details. If a viable scalable business model emerges, the management is confident, and consensus is achieved on the economic parameters of the envisioned collaboration, tecnet will formally express its intent through a term sheet.



After thorough evaluation, if the project demonstrates a viable scalable business model and the management is confident, tecnet will formally express its intent through a term sheet, marking the initiation of a fruitful partnership.

This partnership paves the way for your company's sustainable and profitable growth. Additionally, our investment managers actively support your company's success with their expertise, extensive network, and strategic insights.



Typically, after an investment period of up to eight years – the duration depends on the company's development and the economic climate – tecnet will seek an exit opportunity. This involves selling the shares held by venture capital investors to a strategic partner ("Trade Sale"), another financial investor ("Secondary Sale"), or through an initial public offering (IPO).

With its extensive experience spanning over two decades, tecnet Venture Capital has established itself as one of Austria's most accomplished venture capital investors.

Successful tecnet Investments


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nxt Control



"We guide your journey, from groundbreaking research to sustainable business success."

Dr. Doris Agneter, Geschäftsführerin tecnet equity 

"Despite supporting countless ventures, my insatiable curiosity for new ideas will remain my driving force"

Dr. Christian Laurer, Senior Investment Manager tecnet equity 

"As your trusted partner and co-pilot, we embark on a journey of transformation, shaping a successful future together."

Peter Buchinger BSc., Analyst tecnet equity 

"It's not just about the money. We empower founders to achieve enduring success."

René Danzinger, Investment Manager tecnet equity 

"As an investor, I have the utmost respect for founding teams. We work together to create a suitable financing package."

Jürgen Ennöckl, Investment Manager tecnet equity 

Dr. Doris Agneter

Managing Director

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Peter Buchinger, BSc

Investment Analyst

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Mag. René Danzinger

Investment Manager

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Dr. Christian Laurer

Senior Investment Manager

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Mag. Jürgen Milde-Ennöckl

Investment Manager

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