Technology transfer

Empowering Innovation

With expertise, coaching, workshops, training, and a robust network, we foster the transfer of knowledge and technology, propelling the entrepreneurial spirit of researchers.

"research-to-value next is funded by the IBW/EFRE- & JTF programme. For more information about the program, please visit

From groundbreaking research to marketable innovations

We offer expertise, resources and networking, and support researchers in developing their full potential and transforming scientific findings or discoveries into valuable products and services.

Spin-off strategy

With the r2v next programme, tecnet supports Lower Austrian research institutions on their path from research to value creation. In this way, tecnet is making a significant contribution to Lower Austria's spin-off strategy.

Services within the framework of r2v next

The tecnet team has developed a range of different formats in the field of technology transfer in order to be able to translate scientific findings into socially and economically valuable applications, products and business models in the best possible way together with researchers:

Expertise & Coaching

tecnet supports researchers in the identification and design of exploitation strategies & commercialisation paths in the field of intellectual property and beyond.

Workshop & trainings

Through tailored workshops and training sessions, tecnet fosters expertise development in the realm of technology transfer, encompassing areas such as invention evaluation and intellectual property, contract negotiation and licensing preparation, innovation and idea management, identification of business and application domains, and presentation training, among others.

Events & Capacity Building

tecnet actively promotes knowledge exchange and collaboration among research institutions, regional and national innovation stakeholders through regular events and gatherings. This fosters a vibrant ecosystem, leading to a significant boost in regional capacity building in the domain of technology transfer.

We continuously monitor and analyzes emerging trends in the field of technology transfer, and actively share the knowledge with our partners.

Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit

tecnet actively engages in initiatives and events designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among researchers, inspiring them to bring their ideas to life.

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Researchers at Lower Austrian research institutions: seeking technology transfer expertise? We're ready to assist you. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Co-operation partner

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tecnet equity leverages its extensive experience in technology transfer to foster commercial awareness among researchers. Since 2017, we have delivered a multitude of coaching sessions, training courses, and workshops to empower our partners.




Workshops & Trainings



The tecnet tecnology transfer team

Dr. Doris Agneter

Managing Director

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Mag. Leo Capari

Technology transfer Manager

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DI Sophie Egger, BSc

Technologietransfer Managerin

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Anna Kirchmair, MSc

Technologietransfer Managerin

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Dr. Thilo Schmalz

Technology transfer Manager

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